Adsense money not received

Hello … i receive payment from Google Adsense on 25th every month but this month the payment did not come yet in my sbi account. I did receive the payment sent email from adsense on 21st. What to do its 27th today still i did not get my payment. Plz help .

  • wait at least 15 days
  • then fill up the form [provided at below link


My payment delayed too

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Did you receive adsense mail of payment release?

It mostly says in the mail that we will receive the payment within 5 business days but its first time it has crossed even 27th


I have received the amount as late as 31st of the month.

Did you receive the payment issued update on 21st of the month?

Got it :v:

Still I didn’t got… Is there anyone who still has not received the payment ?