Adsense on 2 blogs


Hi all,

Just wanted to get some ideas like I make 2 blogs which post similar content(not duplicate) means doing blog post on same topics on both the blogs.

Can I use adsense on both the blogs. Will adsense say that you cannot use adsense on blogs which post similar content.(post on same topic).

Or should I create separate adsense account to monetize my other similar blog?


As long as content is unique/not plagiarized/not word to word copy AdSense won’t have any issues.


I am asking this because recently in one of my hosting account which was multi domain hosting. I have 2 blog like one blog where I used to post generic topcis like, love tips, fitness tips, bodybuilding tips and many other it was a multi topic blog.

Then in the same account i started a separate blog in bodybuilding niche where i used to share only post on bodybuilding topics. i did this with the add on domain.

I know this is advanced seo that in the same hositing account if you host similar sites which post same or similar content (not duplicate) then post from either of the 2 blog will get ranked and the same happend to me.

From my bodybuilding blog all post started to rank above my multi topic blog and I saw that because of this my multitopic blog got hit and the traffic went down.

I have read in search engine that that john muller confirmed that hosting similar sites on same hosting account may cause problem.

And above that my adsense earning from my bodybuilding started to decline to the point where it was showing clicks but no earnings.

Because google knows that the blog owner is trying to make multiple blogs on same niche and make money with adsense. And I think that this is the reason why my adsense earning on my bodybuilding blog declined becuase I was having blog post on same topic on both my blogs.

Outside reader cannot see that it is a separate domain but the addon domain gets setup as a subdomain of the primary domain and inside the file manger addon domoin is added in subfolder.

I think that google is able to identify that this is the addon domain and this is the reason i think my traffic of main sites for same post got decline and also the adsense earning on my bodybuilding blog.

So please any one which know this topic please share your thoughts. I think that google is able to identify with the publisher id which I am using on both the blogs.

So when this happened after doing lot of deep research on this issue I moved my other bodybuilding blog to other hosting account and the problem solved. All the post of my main blog which were in bodybuilding topics again regained their ranking.

So what I learned form this is never host similir sites on one hosting account. this is 100% sure becuase addon domain is nothing but the subdomain.

Now I am thinking to host my bodybuilding blog on other hosting account. Now I am not using adsense ad on it and I and confused that to use the adsense from the same account or create another adsense account to monetize my similar sites.

Please guys anybody give their valuable advice and suggesstions.


AdSense cannot figure that out.

You should host two sites which are on similar niche on two different web servers for SEO reasons, not AdSense.

Use same AdSense, there’ll be no issues. I did the same for my three sites on same niche.


It is 100% unique but will have blog post in same topic like " best protien supplement to build musles" on multi topic blog and “top 10 protein supplements to build muscles” on other my bodybuilding blog.

I am litterally writing complete articles without copying anything for the other blog. so It is unique .


Keep them hosted on two different web server/IP address and use same AdSense. There’ll be no issues.


Sorry for such lenthy question but if you are a blogger then you may be know that it literally took 2 months to rank my other blog and luckily my niche bodybuilding blog outranked my multi topic blog which is obvious since it is a niche site.

But after that I was seeing like on first page number 1 result for eg on any topic used to rank number 1 and 2nd was from my multi topic blog.

So I was so happy that know I will be making more money since both the results were from my own blogs. but suddenly my multi topic blog all posts which I also covered in my bodybuilding blog dissappered from google.

I am amazed that google literally took out only those posts which I also covered in my bodybuilding blog and other blog post from my multi topic blog remained intact.

So I researed a lot like 2 to 3 days since I never experienced like this before so I talked with a guy who used to do similar things and I also experience the same thing. And i many seo forums guys were talking that never host similar sites on same hosting account it will 100% effect the seo.

So now I am done I moved my other blog to other hosting and I now I was thinking that if I host my bodybuilding blog on other hosting will adsense do the same.

I am sure that now the ranking of both the blogs will not get conflicted withe each other since they are on separate hosting company. Biharilala are you hundred 100% sure about this.


Just to give you the information that on my bodybuilding blog I was not doing any new blog post since last 3 months so do you guys think becuase of this my adsense earning dropped significantly? It is anything like that the blog must get updated to keep earning from adsense.

I usually do few posts, rank the blog on the top 3 position and then work on my other blogs. So any thoughts on this.


I get you, you can host similar niche site on two web servers and use same AdSense. I hope this clears your doubt!

AdSense revenue depends on a number of factors including the traffic and season. If your traffic dropped, it’s quite obvious for AdSense to decline.

The revenue is not dependent on the frequency of your posts.


what if I mass produce similar niche sites on different hosting accounts,it ito just to get my concept clear.

Since we have to now add new sites in adsense and adsense approval team will be able to see all the sites which belong to same niche and post similar topics?


No traffic did not dropped at all infact ranking improved since it was niche sites on bodybuilding. All the posts were ranking in top 4. The only problem was I did not updated my blog since 3 months.

I know this my seem silly question but this happened with me my ranking remained the same but earning started to fade down.

Since in niche sites we chose few keywords rank the blog and leave it or occassinaly post some articles but not frequently like we do in our main blogs.


You can do whatever you want, AdSense has no problems with it.


Well, yes. Remember that you could lose both AdSense accounts as it is against their policy to main two accounts. This is the best way.


Yah I know that and infact I dont even want to have 2 adsense account as I always abide by adsense rules and regulations. But because of this problem I was thinking.