Adsense Payee Name Not Editable

My Adsense Payee Name is not Editable

Can I change the Bank Account to Other Person without Payee Name Change?

If yes, will there any problem from bank side, If the payee name and bank account names are different?

You can anyone bank account, the name can be different from the AdSense owner name.
Let’s take AdSense is yours, but you can add your father’s bank details.



thanks but When I check with Google AdSense Help, It tells that we can use others account but with payee name change.

Yes you can. Please make sure the payee details you enter in your payee profile in your AdSense account match exactly the beneficiary bank details of the account holder, otherwise your payment will fail. If your payment fails it can take up to 2-3 weeks before your payment will be reissued.