Adsense Payment not received last month

I didn’t receive Adsense payment last month. but in Adsense it is showing payment receipt.
I changed my bank details on November 26th.

as it says , payment transfer to your account on 21st nov. , changing bank account on 26th doesn’t makes sense.
Check the account that you had entered previously.

I checked my bank statement not received.

contact you bank

I know what they are going to say :sob: they will say contact Adsense only we don’t know anything. :joy:
anyhow I will contact the bank that is the last option for me.

what is your bank name?
and may be payment is waiting for remittance, kindly check your email also or contact with the foreign money related department of your bank branch or over the call with customer care.

SBI if they don’t respond what should i do? and can i get money back to my Adsesne?

Talk to customer care sbi foreign exchange department and ask then I got a payment of $xxx from Google Asia Pacific, what is the status.
If you didn’t receive the money then after a certain time (plx check in AdSense policies) you can write to AdSense.


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Today I contact the SBI customer care. they are asking for which payment type google used? (UPI, EFT or etc)

this is the reply from SBI customer care.

We receive the payment through wire transfer ,
And, the payment from Google Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

Payment from Adsense was Received just now and remitted via Axis Bank.