AdSense PIN Hasn't Received for A Long

Its been 10 Month but I didn’t received my PIN for verification of account, I ordered i few month back but hasn’t arrived yet.
Yesterday I received this on my account " You have less than one month to verify your PIN, otherwise your ad units will stop displaying ads."
Any Idea How to verify address?

Contact your nearby postmaster or post office.
For extra troubleshooting related to PIN see this

I checked at postmaster but it hasn’t arrived

In such a case make sure you have entered the correct postal address in your address account.

Yes, I entered correct address

Use the above link.

Check. May be this method will work for you.


its outdated, not helping much

You should ask your post office with the specific letter query, so that they can do a internal investigation.

did you request a replacement pin? After 3 replacement pin requests you can upload personal identity to verify adsense account without entering pin. Try the below link.

I used resend option two time but it not showing resend option for third time

you’ve to wait at least 3 weeks to get a replacement pin.