Adsense query


Guys just want to know that in adsense any new site we add will be reviewed. I already have adsense account which is 7 years old .

So now in add sites section do they easily approve sites or not. I am asking this since I have not added any new sites with that option.


If your site has rich content and looking professional, you will get approved in no time.


Ya I was just curious to know. I heard that it is reviewed by bots and not manual reviewer?


If you own the website or verify it from “add sites” in Google - there is no need to approve from Google and you can place ads on your other websites also… but

  • new website must have good visit / organic traffic
  • good content

In other words "your second website that is added in the adsense under “add site” must follow all google policies.

If is there any illegal activity on new website - your adsense account may ban and it will not serve on first website also.