Adsense Revenue Increase by 150%

Today my adsense revenue is increased by around 150% and its only till 7.30 pm. Hope it will increase more…

I m afraid whether if it is due to any fraud clicks (because my website traffic is normal only).

When I checked adsense, usually the RPM is less than 1 dollar, but today it is 5.13 dollars.

Should I do any steps … to protect my adsense account from being suspended by Google, if it is due to any fraud clicks??

Kindly suggest…

My recent RPM has also increased by 1.5X from last 4-5 days. This is festive season so advertisers are paying much for promotion.
By the way, what’s your niche? (Just provide a rough idea)

It is related to problem solving… (mathematics, brain teasers etc)

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If the clicks are normal and the CTR is good, then you have nothing to worry about. Just check the country and their CTR. Noticed similar thing but I reported it to AdSense and later the earning dropped plus the clicks. I have just deactivated all ads and enable auto ads only. Let me see how it plays out. Nevertheless, getting high CPC and high revenue with normal traffic and clicks to me is normal. No cause for alarm.

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