Adsense verification code on every page of site?


Google adsense mentiones to paste verify code on every page of site? Do we really need to do that to get approved for adsense account.


Yes. It’s important that you place code in your site.

If it will generate some impression, you may get approved.

Code must be present.


I think he is worried about “every page of site”


Put in header it will automatically add in every page


Use " insert headers and footers " plugin to do it fast and without open the theme editor


I have used insert header and footer plugin to insert code on header. That will insert in every page or need to add code separately??


Why are you thinking too much about this? You just paste ad code on your site, once that ad will get visible then you can do all experiments to check those stuff.
For now just just paste code on header or primary widget. Later you can add (or remove) ad codes where you want to show (or do not want to show).


Just paste the code once in the plugin and click on save,it will edit your header.php file and your code will automatically placed in every page.
Don’t fear about this.
Have a nice day :slight_smile:


Thanks for reply @rajdeep