Adsense vs Affiliate Marketing


Hi guys, good evening everyone. Hope you are all doing great.

I need a suggestion from you. I have been blogging since early 2016 and earning handsome income from Google Adsense now days. My blog url

I also had earned little money from Affiliate marketing (hosting sales) & my currently income source is Adsense only.

But now am thinking to convert my topics and content to monitized with Affiliate products. Because, I have another blogs to monitised with Adsense with that I can manage to pay miscellaneous blogging expenses.

Should it will be a good idea or not? Kindly share your opinions and also suggest long term topic to start with.


Run AdSense & Affiliate both together


Dear @Harpreet_Kumar you are using too many ad units with a less content, be careful and also focus to provide the content to the Reader.
First priority should be for the Readers to help them with your content and then monetize the ads.


@Harpreet_Kumar also check your about page
what is this


Good to see you are not limiting yourself to AdSense.

  1. If you have informational content like news / tutorial / online tool then AdSense is a best option.

  2. For the online web services (example: Hosting) / product niche (example: Pet food, PC parts), Amazon is an ideal choice for many bloggers.

Apart from these sources, you can also try Sponsored posts, Direct Advertisment, eBook, etc to generate more revenues $$$.

Please choose according wisely to your blog.


Should it be good idea to write about hosting only. Providing reviews, discount coupons & renewal money saving methods etc.?


I will fix it soon. Thanks Duggu


Hi harpreet how is your blog doing . I think that you are not blogging very frequently now.


Yes buddy. Thinking to change my topic for monitised with affiliate products


@Harpreet_Kumar using ads on about page is not recommended


Thanks @AbhishekVerma. I have fixed already


both are best depand on niche