Advertising a domain on Google ads having Adsense ads

Can we advertise a sub-domain on google ads that’s main domain has Adsense ads?
For example
If has Adsense ads and I want to advertise on google ads (Adwords) then will there be any problem according to Adsense policies?
Because it is not allowed to advertise the site on Adwords containing Adsense ads.
Please clear it if anyone has experience.

This is just a myth. You can easily Advertise any of your website, whether you are using Adsense on it or not.

Read the question carefully

If you have a separate sub-domain which is located in a separate directory in your root directory, then you can proceed publishing on Adwords. Because as far as I know, sud-domain (directory) will be treated as a separate domain by Google and hence there will be no linking between them…

But, since if you are running AdWord Campaign, stop searching and do it on a separate domain name. It’s 100% safer and from there direct your visitors to your Adsense Site.

Create Two Similar Landing Pages on both sites and do SEO for your Adsense Site and SEM for the adword site.

What do you mean?
Should I not put any link to the main domain on the subdomain being advertise.
Means no link to from

Sub Domains are two types:
i.) Sub-directory based sub-domain
ii.) Sub-folder based sub-domain

Option i.) is flexible like both domain and sub-domain will be treated as separate domain and you have to perform SEO activities separately.

Option ii.) is more flexible and SEO for the main domain will pass all juice to sub-domain and if at any situation, main domain or sub-domain was penalized, both will be affected.

You can place a link and this is not an issue. What I meant is, Google will treat your domain and sub-domain as separate domains. So to the maximum, we are safe if we do AdWords on our sub-domain,…

But, what am I saying is, why taking the risk? Just create a new domain and do Adwords.

You are right new domain is the best way for the same but the current domain has more trust than the new one.
People are visiting the current domain for years.

But why do we take the risk?

Did you created branding on your name or based on your domain name?
If you have created branding in your name, then starting a new domain doesn’t matter, but if you have created a brand around your domain name, then find the same domain with the different domain extension.

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Sub domain don’t have any relation to the main domain and it is added using DNS.
Is still there any problem?

Never trust google’s automated algorithm. Just a question - what happens if ur adsense site or account is wrongly banned by google?

U might feel the ban is wrong but google then refers u to one line of text somewhere in their legal guidelines?

Best to keep domains and accounts separate. Because adwords will treat one domain as one domain.

For SEO purpose, sub domain may be different. But for advertising purpose, sub domain still has the same root domain. So i would not advice u to mess this up.

Or else ask in adwords forum.


I think you people are saying right, I should not take the risk. I will advertise my content on the saparate domain.
I am asking the same to Adwords help.

Can we advertise a sub-domain on google ads that’s main domain has Adsense ads?

Can Cause you in big problems don’t apply this method

I have taken a new domain for the same.
Thanks to all.