Affiliate Marketing Insights (Golden thread)

Affiliate marketing has been a really useful business from years now and even many members of our forum are doing great in it.

It would be great, if all of you can share some useful insights and pointers related to Affiliate marketing and its related topics which can help in better conversions and more sales.

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My initial basic things, what I do?

  • I always use a dedicated plugin for managing all affiliate links.

  • This allow me to track performing link, keeping eye on each links at once place.

  • For all affiliate link, we should use nofollow tag.


For me,

  • Blue colour hyperlinks + Red colour hover links (Red works good for conversions psychologically)

  • I do add a FAQ section to the site.

  • I still prefer use of EMDs

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@GulshanKumar could you please let us know the name of the plugin that you are using? I am not using any plugin right now and it is hard to manage all the links and to make them nofollow?

Thirsty affiliate links is what he use I suppose

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which affiliate program you are using?

what is that?

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I prefer “Affiliate Link Lite” in the free version.

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what about using amazon product images before applying for affiliate program with amazon?

My biggest golden rule thats has worked well for me, know your users and what they would like to buy without an second though Violla… just a simple survey for my users with some simple prizes, killed it for me…

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which affiliate program you are utilizing?