Affiliate Marketplace VS Individual affiliate sign ups

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Hey there, I have thirsty affiliate premium plugin. So should I Apply individually for affiliate Programs or The Affiliate Marketplaces like commission junction or ShareASale would be better for me.

Which Approach is better in long term?

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Marketplace, there you can find various affiliate programs.

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Dear sir @gulshankumar which market place is good for long term. As i want to continue with only one marketplace. :slight_smile:

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Marketplace Versus Individual Programs

Marketplace (Benefits)

  • A lot of affiliates in a single program. So just with one email and password and just from a single dashboard you can manage many merchants

  • Marketplace like Viglinks etc. provides useful auto affiliate scripts which help you convert your potential terms into affiliate links directly

  • Viglinks, Shareasale etc. are good marketplace to join

Individual (Benefits)

  • There is a common scam done by many companies in Marketplace programs. Most of these companies keep their programs live for certain period of time . For e.g. they will be live for a week and then close it for month.

Same they will do many times. What bad will happen is you will even donot know when they go offline. Hence you will keep promoting them but you will donot get any credit for your work due to merchant being offline most of times (many companies in shareasale program do this)

There is no such risk in individual programs and thats why they are somewhat better :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately, these scripts are blocked by adblock :frowning:

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SO, it mean that I should join separately my basic affiliate program. and rest of them which isn’t that much related to my niche those I should join via Marketplace. ?

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I am telling you that. I am just saying that don’t use any plugin or script for generating affiliate links.

(Kanth King) #8

individually affiliate Programs are best but need to spend lot of time across many sites, marketplace covers a lot but eat your commissions up… so its pretty much in same bucket…