Affiliate plugin for WordPress

I am working on affiliate website. Gathering all necessary information.

Can anyone please tell me affiliate plugin for WordPress?

One More question, how is content egg plugin?

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You should try ‘Affiliate link Lite’ plugin. My experience with this plugin was decent.


Disclaimer: I do not use this plugin anymore. Please consider after proper research.

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I am using Pretty Links plugin (free version)

Plugin should allow to create table and buy link

Great plugin. I’m using right now.

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@sandi I agree with @GulshanKumar, it’s a good plugin. However, If you have some technical knowledge then, I would recommend to use non-plugin method. I can help you to setup it for you.

However, you can also do it yourself with the help of following guide:

I just started to use this plugin. But I have a doubt.

@GulshanKumar @Saksham @rajdeep @saurav_556
Can this plugin make fraud with us?

For example -

let’s suppose, we are getting 100 clicks on affiliate link per day. So is it possible for them to redirect users to their affiliate link for the same product instead of our link?

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I was previously using this plugin. I did not faced any problem.

Though when you run ANY 3rd-party built plugin you’re literally at mercy of developer and you may not realize when things suddenly changes.

  • Suppose, a case when plugin developer sell their plugin ownership to other. And, if next party did something wrong in another update you will be affected.

  • At some point someone you have to trust.

If you are highly concerned, that’s okay you can build own solution these ways

  • Follow the instructions written here


Use BunnyCDN Pullzone. I am using this method right now.

  • I created a pull zone with hostname

  • Using its edge rule to setup redirect 301 to target path.


This method is faster than plugin because redirection happens at CDN server level.


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No it is a good one.
Be aware some affiliate program like amazon nd similar bans your account if you use any link cloaking plugin.

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Affiliate links lite seems to be better for me.

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What about SEO if you use direct link?

Until you go crazy with them and spam it. Its usually good with google.

I usually keep a good mix, affilate link whenever needed.

Keep things simple, the more complicated you make it the more problem you can get into.