(After December 2019) How to Appear on Google news section?

Does anyone running google news approved sites?

Please reply here! Need your guidance and suggestions.

Thanks in advance!

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@BihariLala @Astro


Google news is abit weird. I have accepted in Google Publisher but never show in Google News section. Wondering how many articles need to be written to be shown.

Google has changed how approval for News platform work. You can now follow any approval guide on internet and get approved, but your site will not show up in the News section. It will show up algorithmly (i.e when Google likes to show it)

Yes, I have got approved 3-4 weeks ago but haven’t yet in news section.

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Me, it all depends upon the google news that, which article would appear and which would not, few of my articles appear while few are not , generally you need to write 15-20 post per day to appear in google new section

are u writing 15-20 articles daily ?

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Sometimes 5 article per day. But not more than that.
Actually most of the Google News websites are being used to boost other sites as well.

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Yaah, sometime i manage to do 15-20 posts a day and i get few visitors from Google news and next day null, the conclusion is , we have to post atleast 10-15 articles daily to appear in google news tab permanently . (Personal Opinion)

The more, the better.

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i have seen website only write 2-4 but still appear in google news for certain niche

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Does DA and PA authority can help to rank on google news??

A lot of people were spamming Google News with low quality sites. So, Google decided not to accept any new site to the news tab section of search. You can still get into the Google News app and web section easily. Posting 2 - 4 posts will be more than enough if you are about to get into the News app.

But getting into the news section is the real pain. As of now, there are no official explanation from Google. All they say is that produce high quality content and Google will automatically select sites to appear in the news tab.

Some people are also telling, Google might soon introduce some sort of new methods or approval guidelines for inclusion. If that is the case, then this will be temporary.

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I read somewhere google news website don’t need approval now, Google will automatically recommend it to people if its worthy or related

Same here, I have also read that post in black hat seo, now Google will automatically selects a post with high quality content, no need of any approval required in Google news.

@Astro @PrakashGohel To appear on News Section, yes you don’t need for an approval but to be eligible anytime for Google News, site must be approved in Google Publisher Center.

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@BihariLala I am also facing some issues. Google sometimes shows my posts in news section and sometimes only in the all section, even the news is exclusive.

I would recommend you try the new story thing google have introduced.
It might be something that can drive a lot of traffic especially for news site.
However it applyies for US traffic only.

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You all need to understand my point. The new approval process is fake. You can NOW get any site approved, including scrappers and they may or may not appear.

Unless you’re a authority or you have links in your niche, the Google News approval will not work.