After enabling Cloudflare, Why Server Response Goes Slow

OLS installed on Digital Ocean, $12 Intel by Cyberpanel. A WP blog with Let’s Encrypt.

When I enable Cloudflare as a proxy server, server response time goes slow.

Although I have disabled many features of Cloudflare that slightly impact speed

  • Bot Protection
  • Email Address Obfuscation
    -Rocket Loader
    -no security page rule

Any help would be appreciated.

Because packet travels a few more destination.

Assuming, testing region is Mumbai.

You’re on Linode Mumbai server, the test region is Mumbai as well. The final response time < 10ms

Second case…

Testing LIN BOMBAY server from Banglore, the final response time ~50ms.

You are using Cloudflare free plan, serving from SIN

Now it will take ~100ms

Yea When I enable Cloudflare, TTFB increases from 16ms to 70-80ms for the Banglore data center.

I am using the free CF plan for all my blogs. but never page speed insight tool indicates the issue, except the latest one.

PSI & Gtmetrix tool has issue.

Whereas it’s fine on Keycdn

In case of KeyCDN Bangalore test, you can see the ‘CF-RAY’ HEADER indicates same ‘BLR’ (Bangalore) data center. That’s why it’s faster. From one tool to another or another computer, Cloudflare may randomly use different datacenter which can be slow or fast. We do not have control over it.

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Agree bro. 1 year ago, I had checked. Some time got data from Japan, sometimes from France (forget exact data center location) for India. I had checked through a DOS command, (forget it, if you know, plz let me know) .

An expert says it occurs due to Cloudflare Anycast DNS. That’s why Cloudflare Server IP is the same on all locations, unlike Bunny CDN.

ISP can’t identify the closest data center and it can connect with the far data centers. Get slow.

But I feel slow server issue causes on some particular websites only. (maybe heavier websites?)

Bro do you have the same experience with a heavy website?