After implementing Bunny CDN Google cache is showing images in my pages are broken


Recently, I made a switch from Jetpack to Bunny CDN. After implementing Bunny CDN my images are not seen by Google.

When I check the full version cached page images are showing like in the attachment. In real time the images are loading without any problem in the website and also CSS & JS files.

To add further I’ve ExpiresByType image/webp “access plus 1 year” this webp line in my .htaccess. Is this issue due to this?

Previously I used shortpixel and remove that. Shortpixel have added that webp line. Right now, I’m not using any plugin for webp.

Can anyone please help me on this?

Please provide instructions on how do I repro this issue

I’m not getting what you are telling.

Gulshan Sir is asking - The steps you followed to implement Bunny CDN

It might be a setup issue and possible reason is http and https conflict. (Not sure but may be)

@GulshanKumar bro, I activated it using Bunny CDN plugin. For caching I use Litespeed cache and I use cloudflare for protection. Previously was using Jetpack CDN but that was working fine for me.

I’ve bunny CDN on my other website as well but that’s working properly. This website is on Cloudways and use their breeze plugin.

Can you share search query and site URL to look into this?

@GulshanKumar Bro, I’ve sent you the message can you please check.


Thanks for your time sir.