After SSL certificate installation things to do without fail


recently i installed SSL certificate. As i dont have technical knowledge i need to know what are the things to do to run my website with ssl smoothly.
in google some of the urls indexed with http. now thing is i have to leave that as it is or should i do something to redirect to https and also in google analytics also at present am seeing statistics without http after enabling what i need to do.

like above mentioned things still any changes should i make ?

waiting for your valuable reply


It’s okay, no worries. Please install and activate “Really Simple SSL”. It should help.

What to do after moving to HTTPS?

  • Update your sitemap path to HTTPS (Disable and enable Yoast Sitemap settings)
  • Update HTTPS property in Search console and analytics.


in search console how to change http to https

should i need to add a new property with https

in analytics just changed default url to https previously it was http


Since You haven’t mentioned anything about your set up, I’d recommend first ensuring that all the content is now being served on HTTPS and then submitting the site to Search Engines as HTTPS and updating the sitemap accordingly. In about 15 Days all of the search engines will update Your URLs to HTTPS.

Feel free to ask if you have any other questions.


Yes, please add one new property in the HTTPS.

Note: Just for the information, You don’t need to delete earlier. Google recommends, keeping all versions of site URLs.


ok thanku what about sitemap? i need to submit it


Definately, you need to submit in the HTTPS property.


ok thank u…one doubt…when i searched google some urls are with https and some are with without https .

what to do to make all the urls must start with https (domain name)
some are starting domain name without htps


i submitted sitemap in console it is showing status as could not fecth?


Have you done HTTP to HTTPS 301 redirect? If yes, just wait for a week. Google will reflect changes automatically in the SERPs. No further action is required at the moment.

No need to fetch Sitemap. However, you can.


Yes, looks good.


ok i have 53 posts but sitemap showing 51…what to do?


Please message your url. I will check.

Update: I checked and found there is no such issues. Everything is normal.