Alignment issue in AMP pages

I wanted to enable AMP on my website and I installed the official AMP plugin.

But I am facing one challenge.

I write articles on the Linux operating system and I have to use the pre HTML tag to include Linux commands in the article. Here is an example.

$ lvextend -L+500M /dev/edu_vgroup/volgroup002
  Size of logical volume edu_vgroup/volgroup002 changed from 1.00 GiB (256 extents) to <1.49 GiB (381 extents).
  Logical volume edu_vgroup/volgroup002 successfully resized.

In normal view its scrollable but in AMP version its not like that.

Normal Version:


AMP Version:


Half of the command is not visible.

Is there any way we can sort this out.


Thanks for your precious suggestion. I agree with this code.