All internal links Changed to IP address


I recently migrated from DO to Vultr and All the Internal links Changed to IP address of new server

Like ->

Here is the Link to a post, Internal links situated after “Also read” heading:



Which control panel do you use ? and how you migrated?


Panel is serverpilot and I migrated using All in import plugin


okkk… Have you ever used serverpilot option that enables you to access your website with direct ip address? and no domain name.


Yes, Before Setting up domain on new server, I gave IP to access site with it.


I think you did this :

  1. launched vultr instance
  2. connected to serverpilot
  3. Installed new wordpress site ( which was accessible via direct ip address)
  4. Installed all in one import uploaded the backup
  5. restore of backup

then Domain mapping with new server IP …

Am i right ?


Yes, you are right


Bro… better search and replace will help you in this situation

When you ran step. 5 without mapping your domain … at that time all in one import has changed all your domain name to your new server IP address in database.


I have one website, and my all internal links are changed to IP adresses. what to do in this situation. Also there are some issues in control panel. My designer told me that the site will be crashed totally we have rebuilt it. Please share some answer to get rid form this problem.


hi @akshay, Right now your blog is working fine. In such cases, I generally recommend doing search replace as above suggested by @iamhappy.

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