All plugins can reduce site speed?

Hi, everyone knows that if you are using a dozen plugins your site speed will be slow.

However, I have a doubt, All plugins can reduce site speed?

I mean It’s true plugins like a jetpack, table of content load javascript, or jquery during a webpage loading.

But some plugin work at the wp-admin era. For example, backup plugin > They just download files and databases from the server and upload them to remote servers? So this kind of functionality can also harm our site speed?

Yes even they take up server resources and affect sitespeed as far as i have understood.
I am aiming to cut down on my plugins to below 8.
Wp rocket+perfmatter+shortpixel+toc+ads plugin+managewp and one or two exta. Thats it.

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You can take backup quickly in few seconds using below commands

Backup Public directory

zip -r .

Export MySQL database via WP CLI

wp db export --allow-root

Or using native MySQL command

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It depends on the plugin quality.

  • Does it run background processes frequently in background or on-demand or respectful way using cron-job? That will impact CPU usage.

  • Does it load any assets at frontend? If yes, the impact will depend on assets size and type of HTTP Request, is it static files or ajax request?

Backup plugin like UpdraftPlus / All in One Migration are not a problem.


No, high-quality plugins that work on the admin dashboard do NOT have any negative impact on website performance. It’s not important how many plugins you have, it’s important how lightweight they’re.

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The simple logic behind of using lot of plugins is we don’t want to do anything manually. We want all ready made.
In my case, if I need an extra function or feature in my website, first I have a look on already installed plugin. If they can do something else I will go for manually method.
I research on Google hours and hours to find the way without plugins.
It’s works for 99% of the cases.(Just do once, you will be able to know how)

(in 1% of cases )If I don’t get any solutions then I ask on Forums if they have any experience about how to do it manually or plugin suggestions. Many people suggest many things. Just compare which do you need.
Because sometimes we need something so little, but we install a big sized plugin for that. And If you use a plugin for temporary purpose then delete it immediately when you will be done with this.(example:- duplicate, wp file manager etc)

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One major point is vulnerability. Every plugin is like a secret door that can give hackers access to your site.
If any vulnerability comes and is not patched within time you can lose your site.
So, its best if kept low in numbers.

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Try to use Manual Coding for common features like Table of Contents, Ad Code Placements, Asset Compression.
Use plugins for a few basic functions such as SEO, Caching, Lazy Loading, Minifying.
Spend at least 1hour daily to learn WordPress so that you can be able to manage your site efficiently.

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