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Please suggest a magazine theme for my blog

I don’t like the current theme.

Please do not copy paste the “Top 10 Magazine WordPress Theme”

Also, avoid ColorMag copycat themes.

Give me a genuine theme for my tech news site. Please! :slight_smile:

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Please read the title.

Sorry for that but the better option will search (deep search) in Google

Filled with crap

Ok, I have found this for you(free theme)

one of my friend has a live affliate blog with this theme, check inbox

Read the title again XD


Not a magazine theme also shows full content. :unamused:

XD = :persevere:

One of my favourite theme! :crying_cat_face:

:expressionless: :unamused:

How about Publisher, Newsmag, Newspaper kind of theme?

But, they are paid na.

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You are expecting too much from free themes. Customize this to get what you want

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How’s this

This one is good too, feels like medium(.)com

Yes … It is.

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In my point of view newspaper will be the best.

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