Alternative to earning from advertising?


Hey guys,

Besides earning from Advertising like Adsense, i could think of some other methods to earn from a blog

Affiliate marketing
Start a course
Launch a book

What other methods are there to earn from a blog which will be fruitful even 4-5 years down the line?


One of the other advertising options that you have Not mentioned above is to expand income of your current blog using an Android App for your WordPress blog. The app can then be easily monetized using Google AdMob ads (Banner and Interstitial). :smiley:

Example:- (This app is not monetized yet, but can be)


How is this app made? @gulshankumar - which software to convert wordpress to apps?


If you like to have an Android App for your WordPress, you can purchase it from here. I also purchased it.

You need “Android Studio” IDE to configure this app with your WordPress blog. If don’t know how to do it, may be you can hire someone from Fiverr etc. to get it done. It is pretty simple!


I don’t know much about it.
I contacted a person who created this app for me. Do you want this kind of app?


How is ADMOB? Whats the CPC / CPM like?

@gulshankumar Average earning for every 1000 views?


AdMob is pretty cool. No tension of adblockers… But you need to do some promotion of the App in the starting…


Does an APP respect CDN? Meaning - it consumes server bandwidth or cdn bandwidth?


Good question. Yes, The android app consume data of origin server while fetching JSON request while serving web page.


Since I don’t use ad, never tried. No idea.:frowning:
I will update here if I try in near future.


So on a server like Kinsta, an android app is huge bandwidth killer.

For such cases i will need something like cloudways. Where 2TB is free.


Not sure, There may be some better solution. Need debugging.


Hmmm. asked kinsta. They say - if i use a wordpress to android app via WP-api, then CDN bandwidth will be used.


Update - If site behind cloudflare or if site has a CDN, then CDN bandwidth will be consumed.

WP-API will just replicate normal URL behavior on an app. So instead of plugins to launch an app, use a setup like appresser which converts site to app via WP-API


nope, most of the online apps use json api to get data from the server


you can use react native for that. But i dont think you need an android app unless you have an online business


Yes. But server is behind cloudflare

So suppose there are 1 gb of images. The JSON API will get the images from cloudflare right? Or it will get them from the server. @Manash


It will get from server. But you can cache it on the user’s device


@Manash Asking since u have answered such questions.

Would u recommend a service like apppresser which converts wordpress to an app.

Or would u recommend hiring a developer.


I haven’t used apppresser so I don’t know how it is, but it should get the job done as native app developers will charge very high.