Amazon Affiliate Commission Reduced have updated their commission structure and reduced the percentage by up to 62% in some categories.



Screenshot 2020-04-15 at 12.11.03 AM

And before you ask whether it’s permanent or temporary…


They haven’t officially mentioned that it’s permanent but doesn’t look like it will be changed back to normal after the situation.


Lol… Need to look for other affiliate sources of monetization.
Both home improvements and pets niche of mine got hit.

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You can try Chewy, though they only pay for new customer sign ups I think. But chewy is good in pets niche.

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They are really bad.
conversions are really poor. Although a good commission but hardly anyone buys from there!

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Can you suggest a way to promote digital products on my blog. Say i have added it via EDD. How can i get more people to click through and go to the product page. Any popup that doesnt effct UX much but still does the job?
I think digital products are a way to move ahead!

Best is to use FB advertising (works in most cases). Use the advanced demographics and you can get very high ROI easily.

Other than that, try giveaway, Pinterest (works really well), send to email list if you have.

Lol everyone are in the same boat… those who relay on these are gonna suffer…