AMP pages still showing in Google Search Result!

Hello, @GulshanKumar!

I have followed your "Disable AMP in WordPress Without Affecting SEO {Step-by-step} ".

I did everything as explained in this guide, But now after approx 1 month my AMP pages still showing and when I open it, It shows 404 error.

Please help in this…

I just used a snippit suggested by gulsan sir to avoid the 404 error. Please do the same if it is so.

  • I think, it is because your article was last updated in 2017.


Please consider updating then you may expect for changes in coming weeks.

All the best…!!

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Thanks, I will follow this… Do I need to update all articles which is showing AMP.

Yes, all which is still showing AMP

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Okay thanks…

You’re welcome!