An update about migrating to Linode

Linode has been a risky choice given how 1/10 instances having networking issues in Indian region. I still thought to give it another chance to see how it goes. Therefore migrated HGK to Linode. So far, there is no downtime.


Yesterday, this process was completed in 30 minutes. Feels snappier in page loading. As in 2021, page experience signal is going live, I am being prepared all the ways. :slight_smile:

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Site speed on Linode has been GREAT for me & also no downtime.

But jetpack shows many (FAILED) login attempts… 106k over 4-5 months.

My default login url is changed, I use cloudflare & bot protection… not sure what jetpack is counting…

In future I am thinking about giving vultr high frequency a try.

Server location USA

I think application (origin IP) layer protection is needed.

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Recently I have also turned on bot blocker in cloudflare.

If the problem continues I will try this.

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

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