Anchor Ads VS Auto Ads

Has anyone tried to use manual anchor ads? What size do you guys use?

Compared to auto ads, which is better?

I saw alot of new site use manual anchor ads instead of auto ads.

Why? Probably they have higher earning? or Anchor Ads doesnt slow down their site?

Loads when user scroll down the page or after of 1-2 sec later of page load. Better to use the Auto ads’s anchor ads option.

so auto ads earn more than anchor ads?

This fact is very interesting. Because anchor ads are also a part of auto ads.
Google Developed Auto Ads so that publisher can have enough time to spend on content creation not on other things. When we means publisher generate great quality contents auto ads smartly choose the location between the content and start to show ads. It’s also shows dynamic ads like Vignette ads, anchor, link ads etc.
If I come to the point of revenue, then yes, it creases your revenue time to time when your have more and more contents on your site.

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i am asking because there are so many big advertisement using 320x100 or 320x50 and put it as anchor ads (sticky) instead of relying on google auto ads.