Any body got this month adsense income june 2019

I haven’t got the payment this month any body facing the same issue? Even I haven’t received the payment automated email which I get before the amount get credited to my bank account

Payment received.

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Not yet (Canara Bank)

Hope I will get it by today evening

Received it a few hours ago

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Just got it. SBI deducted $10 this time

Arshi How much was your total dollars. Because my kotak bank also deducts a lot.

Kotak bank is worse amount not cleared yet.

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SBI used to deduct $5 a couple of years back, but it stopped. Looks like they’ve started again

Even my last month kotak deducted like 800 rs

INR 800 :hushed:

That’s insane.

Yes yaar think to move to bank of baroda

Kotak bank service is very slow amount not cleared yet,:cry::cry::cry:

SBI deducted $10 from my Adsense earnings. What’s the reason?

Did they deduct last month also?

No, till last month, i received the exact amount, which sent by Google.

After a long time (approx one year, that time they deducted 5 USD) SBI started deducting $$ from Adsense earnings, without any valid reason.

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SBI deducted $7 in my case. In addition to that they also deducted charges for forex services.

@Arshi @sajjad same here. SBI was not deducting anything from my payment, apart from the usual Forex Service charges. This is the first time they have directly deducted anything from my payment. Can anyone tell me a reason behind it? Or shall I call SBI Custome Care?

Finally got the payment

Contact customer care