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Any experience with Hooligan Media?

One of my websites just got approved by Hooligan Media. I wanted to know if it’s better than Ezioic or not?

I am getting very bad EPMV with Ezoic like $1-2 that too for premium audience like US/UK/Canada/Germany. For your reference here’s the screenshot from my ezoic account:

Screenshot 2021-04-28 at 3.07.39 PM

I mean just look at the proportion. Technically for April 26th I should have got like $3-$4 revenue but nope.

It takes around 90 days with 1000pv or more per day for ezoic to optimize ad performance.

I would recommend turning on video ads as well.
That will surely help!

I’m with them since last year. So I’m assuming they should have enough data for my website.

How can I enable video ads?

Aah I see. I need consistently more than 1000 pv per days. Got it now

I earn with Hooligan more than with Ezoic. I get higher CPM + unlike Ezoic they do not take 40%-60% of your revenue, so you earn more anyway. The ads are coming from Google so they are good and safe.

I would not recommend them.
I have heard really bad things about them.

Long story short.

  1. They are no official google ad partner.

  2. Some sites have been permanently banned by adsense after using their ads just because one of their post went viral and a lot of traffic cane in. This also means your site won’t get entry into any other ad network that works with google.

  3. A guy owned ovee 5000$ with them and he was kicked out of netowrk with no proper explaination just mentioning invalid traffic. However his 90% traffic was organic and through google itself. They didn’t pay him either.

However if its works googd for you thats a great news. Stick with them but be cautious if your blog your full time business…

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ezoic is better. Although it cuts around 10-15% of your revenue if not on premium. But ezoic is worth it beacause it provides detailed analytics, very low payment threshold, monthly payments, and many more.

Although you can also try valueimpression, pixfuture. They are also good ad networks. Valueimpression payment is very fast. The only drawback with pixfuture is there net-60 payment.

Wait, you’re wrong on so many levels.

  1. Pretty sure thet are official Google partner:
  • Their tags have ‘Google’ in them, so they are served and come from Google Server
  • If you click on the ad or the arrow - the ad shows that it comes from Google
  • I have setup through Google Ad Manager that is connected with their (‘parent’) account, meaning there is an official connected between our servers and it is serving Google Ad Exchange
  • I had an issue with the setup and one of their tech support also was official Google Ad Manager representative.
  1. I don’t believe this is true, I had and have AdSense account it wasn’t harmed in any way. If it would be harming they wouldn’t be able to use Google Ad Manager because it raises a red flag and automatically pauses the process if there is suspicion on the fraudulent activity. I tried adding native ads there it autumnally stopped them and didn’t let serving ads.

Where did you hear that? Can you share specific link? As this sounds like a lie.

  1. You talking about the black hat forum? Did you read the review? The guy was forcing his traffic to click on links which triggered very high CPM such as $70-$100 CPM. If you try this with AdSense or any other network it would result in the same. You cannot involve in the click-tricking activities those are prohibited among all networks.

Did you personally try them? If you read their reviews on trustpilot, kochava media index, g2, capterra, etc you’ll see they have higher rating that AdSense.

In comparison Ezoic & Hooligan on my experience Hooligan has higher CPM’s a bringing higher revenue. I think it also a better network for new publishers as they don’t require any traffic or page views to start working with them, and so goes for the content. As long as you have over ten articles and willing to bring traffic you’re in good hands.

Bro there is no reason for me to lie as I don’t get paid for promoting either company.

And i am nor talking about that forum. I am a part of 3 mastermind group, 1 premium membership forum about blogging and mediavine as well as adthrive groups.

I have heard the same from either of them. And its not today, i remember reading that a few weeks earlier.

Coming back to the point, when any ad network is a official google partner you will see something like this on their site.
And just because the ads comes f om google doesn’t mean they are the official partner.

That’s because google have implemented something callee MCM. Which makes it compulsary for all ad peovider to use this. You can read more about this in adthrive forum.


Can you share your RPM with them?

Here is a screenshot for one site. And this is not even in the best niche. It gets around 1100 visitors per day.
I am sure if it goes up till 3-4k pv per day the empv will rise over 25$ however i prefer adthrive at that level.

Never said you did, but you don’t have personal experience, while I do and I share it.

Premium membership and mastermind group is good, but those are just fancy names for message boards. While I don’t want to diminish your value, the fact you paid somewhere to post doesn’t give any authority.

Mediavine and adthrive are doing very similar to what Hooligan Media does, the only difference it is much easier to get into Hooligan and have better results that both networks mentioned (I worked with all three).

I am connected through GAM as an MCM and they can manage my inventory, I also got a message about MCM and something about managing my inventory by HM. I assume this won’t be possible unless they are partner.

What you shared is not CPM nor RPM, it’s EPMV which is a different metric. Hooligan is showing the CPM revenue instead. While CPM is a rate per 1k impressions, the RPM is what you earn per 1k impressions, while EPMV is what you earn per 1k visits, not impressions. Thus, your CPM can vary for that particular 1k impressions/visits, so I personally find CPM much better and easier to understand and work with.

In my case I can generate 500k impressions from a 20k visits because I run a quiz site using Quizé plugin and I can generate over 30 page views per 1 visit.

This is my viewable CPM as of today:

As I have told you earlier.
It’s great if it works for you! :+1:

However, I am not sure that it can generate better earnings than Mediavine or Adthrive. Can you share how much money you make for 1000 pageviews or sessions? Just curious!

Also, the metrics like CPM and RPM can be deceiving as it differs on what kind of ad you use. Anyways, what matters the most is how much you get paid for every 1000 visitors.

Anyways, it’s up to you whom you go with!


Can you please share your daily earnings with this ad network with clear revenue and impressions?

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That’s my experience at least, you cannot say it’s not so unless you try and compare yourself. You badmouthed network without even trying it.

The revenue varies per 1000 page views and 1000 sessions/visits, but to give you an idea of the revenue: My main type of traffic is Tier 1 Desktop which sees 5-6 banners per page (paid impressions), with an average 20 page views per visit, thus, one visit generates over 100 ad impressions on average, with a roughly 20¢-80¢ per visit. If you do the calculation, per 1k visits it’s roughly 20x more than per your screenshot.

Considering none of the large networks using EPMV, I like that Hooligan pays on CPM, since it is the industry standard metric that is being used by Google and the other large and authority networks, unlike EPMV. But, this is a matter of preference, and I see how EPMV can be useful for some users.

What is the payout method, time, threshold amount for payment for hooligan ad network?


I don’t have anything against them.

But unless a company is google certified one needs to be cautious about that that’s what my point was since the beginning for other members of the community. If you make good money out of it, its a great news…

However, there are no good reviews about the company available anywhere out there. So that makes it tough to judge.

Either you do have something against or you trying to build your ‘authority’ by badmouthing something you never tried nor had experience with. I believe this is a wrong approach in life which won’t get you far. Wether you had personal issues or simply trying to look as an expert by saying things you do know, you have a higher chance of being credible by having something valid behind your words. At least you could’ve type in google ‘hooligan ad network reviews’ and see what’s there. They ranked higher than AdSense:

Sorry but g2 is a site that says mediavine doesn’t exist and adthrive has no rating. Apart from that, there are hardly any credible sites or youtube videos supporting the ad network.

By looking at the above messages, it seems like @CrazyLou is somehow connected with that company for promotion.


That’s not the point. Even if he is, the point is being logical and sharing the right thing with other community members.
Just go and check top 10 articles on the SERP about the company, look for youtube videos and you will find none are credible.

On the other hand type ezoic, mediavine or adthrive review and you will get my point.