Any experience with Hooligan Media?

One of my websites just got approved by Hooligan Media. I wanted to know if it’s better than Ezioic or not?

I am getting very bad EPMV with Ezoic like $1-2 that too for premium audience like US/UK/Canada/Germany. For your reference here’s the screenshot from my ezoic account:

I mean just look at the proportion. Technically for April 26th I should have got like $3-$4 revenue but nope.

It takes around 90 days with 1000pv or more per day for ezoic to optimize ad performance.

I would recommend turning on video ads as well.
That will surely help!

I’m with them since last year. So I’m assuming they should have enough data for my website.

How can I enable video ads?

Aah I see. I need consistently more than 1000 pv per days. Got it now