Any Python Developer here?

Hello Everyone,

We looking for python developer, to make bot app for amazon india. If anyone have experience with Python, JavaScript, PHP, XML, Beautiful Soup & Web scraper?

Please let us know!

Thanks. :smiley:

Yes, I do have experience in Python and have also used Beautiful Soup for scraping data from web pages. Right now I am also using Selenium and Puppeteer for automation.

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Bro, can we extract/scrape table data to excel using BeautifulSoup?
Let’s say the table has 30k rows and on the first page of the table they only allow the filter to show up to 500 rows only.

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Hello Admin @GulshanKumar
Is it allowed to post links of freelancer or upwork project links? It would be better to deal like that?

No problem as long it helps end user.

Seems achievable, i would prefer using a bot for this if params are not being passed in URL