Any Success With Unusual TLD? like .me, ,xyz

I have some single word domains with uncommon TLDs. How many of you running successful sites with such TLDs.

I myself don’t have any unusual Tld. But a lot of people are using. Like the personal site of jon morrow- founder of smart blogger is .me

TLD’s would eventually stop being significant, there was a time only .com was considered usual. But nowadays .net .org .info .edu .co etc are doing pretty well without any problem.

Gone are the days when people used to market their websites using word of mouth. Most of us use bookmarks,links or G search to navigate to a site most of the times rather than typing a complete domain name with TLD. But still I will say if a website is business and their marketing would involve word of mouth, they should stick with conventional TLD’s.

Otherwise it really doesn’t matter as I can’t remember the last time I typed a complete domain name to open a website except the big names like google, apple , yahoo. Whenever someone asks me to go through a particular website, I ask them to share the link.

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