Any thought on Lazy load or delaying of ads?

Hi All,

Is it a good choice to lazy load AdSense?

I got two ways to do it.

  1. Lazy Loading ads and the ads will be seen only when the user scrolls the page.
  2. Delay ads for 3-4 secs.

I’m able to achieve a 90 and 99 above score in mobile and desktop respectively in speed test by Google by satisfying the Core web vitals.

Without lazy load, site speed is 44 and 85-90 on mobile and desktop.

I’m bit confused about my ranking stats due to slow site speed. On the other hand, I’m feared that revenue will be dropped if lazy load is implemented.

Any thoughts on this? Appreciate your help.


Above the fold ad (if you have any) can get impacted.

Adsense ads already load in the background (by default) - I haven’t had major speed impact as I don’t show any ad at first view. My normal placements are after x amount of paragraphs (280-340 words gap) + sidebar - just after the initial viewport.

Best way to know the actual site speed is to use - the inspect tool in chrome or firefox and view the network tab (make sure disable cache option is turned on) or manually check from another device – it’s far more accurate.

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