Any tips to transfer website from wordpress to Laravel?

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I want to transfer my website from wordpress to Laravel. I am worrying, may be i can lose my ranking. What precautions i should take to maintain my ranking, during transfer?

Your suggestion is most welcome.

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Just curious why are you transferring?

(Gaitonde) #3

I think laravel is PHP web framework. WordPress is also PHP.
What difference it makes?
Correct me if I am wrong.

(iqbal) #4

Add many custom functionality is difficult for me in WordPress, So i am switching one of my website to Laravel.

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Any tips from @gulshankumar

(I am a magician!) #6

I have not worked with Laravel.

(iqbal) #7

Generally which type of precautions should take, when we transfer websites from one platform to another platform, to maintain the rank?

(Gaitonde) #8

Just check you have same URL or redirect them. Rest nothing matters.

(Code is Love, Love is Life. ) #9

Take care of urls… It must be exact same

Check you current meta tags… You will need to insert those meta tags in ur post templates

And your theme must be using some sort of schema for identifying last updated date, author name, title… Etc etc…

(I am a magician!) #10
  1. Take backup
  2. Migrate first on localhost/test WordPress
  3. Test everything
  4. Check permalink, 404, canonical
  5. Setup redirect from old to new wherever applicable
  6. Content, category, etc

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Dude Even Laravel Are Using wordpress for their
Blog, Even They Think That Wp Is Better Than Them… :joy::joy::joy:

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they are using laravel only… that blog is not on wordpress

(Piyush Suthar is Spreading Peace) #24

check Source code…

(Code is Love, Love is Life. ) #25

checked its not WP

(Piyush Suthar is Spreading Peace) #26

than whats this…

(iqbal) #27

For blog wordpress is best, but if you want custom application then laravel is best. :yum:

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hmm… thats True…

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bro they are doing something different :wink:

that is laravel site … and mirrored from which is WP site and hidden from public viewing

check your URL again … see the slug in URL

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oh… yes… sorrry dude… i didnt see this

(iqbal) #31

Any advise from @Shafi