Any unique ways to make extra?


Apart from ads, affliates, paid posts, etc any unique ways to make some :money_mouth_face: out of your website…


By selling them for a profit.


Make some digital products…if you have a finance related website you can make a excel calculator of family budget etc.
Sometimes an E book sells well other times DiY blueprints sells well…Monetising is eay once you have traffic


Also you can offer service to others & can earn profit from it.


Offering Services is a great way to earn online. You create your own Personal Website and prepare a portfolio of your work to attract new customers.


What do you mean, selling products


Thanks, but I am looking for other services out there in handy through which we can monetize… fed up with ads, affliates, etc… something new and creative


where does your target audience belongs to and what niche? whether its a authority site or a passive niche site… how much traffic do you have…these questions decides which method works for you…


Build a website, once it starts earning, sell it for like 20 to 40x profit. So if your site is earning $2k/month, you can sell it for around $50k to $70k.