Any way to stop copy of my images


I have a lot of useful infographics at one site. How can I stop their piracy? I want people to share them but I expect credits in return?
Any way to find out that is someone using my image ?


Simply said, you should watermark your infographics if you’re concerned.


No I cannot do that because most of the site owners donot like to post them when they are watermarked. Moreover I have already added the source in the infographic


Reverse image search can help I think.

If your infographics are worthy of links then you will get them.

If someone is just posting your infographic and if that site is not good then just ignore that. Don’t bother for these small things.

Even big companies are not able to do this. :crazy_face:


Actually as we discussed last night, its an EMD. The keyword is directly in domain and people donot link that easily to it :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh… that is a problem with EMDs. There are very limited options of off page with an emd. :sweat_smile:


@BLOGGING_SURGEON, I want to ask you which software you use to create infographics.


Canva and Stencil sometimes :slight_smile:


Thanks! Buddy


Use premium DMCA protection for your website.
Link :
Let me known if it’s works.


Its just an other legal paid service friend. The amount they ask for one turnover is what I actually earn in six months


I highly recommend this. I use this tool daily for creating amazing featured images, graphics and logo as well.


I started using it from the day @BLOGGING_SURGEON recommend me. It was amazing. However, I am a beginner so sometimes it becomes annoying to create graphics.


If you don’t have enough money then you can use free DMCA protection.
Reply me if you need any further help.