Anybody try AWS amazon hosting here?



Please share your experience if you tried AWS amazon hosting?

Advantage and Disadvantage?


I am using AWS EC2 for WordPress. The Speed is mind blowing. Although Digital Ocean is also excellent. I seen little difference in TTFB.


I didn’t try it but I see some WP sites which are using Amazon Cloud. I think it is the best!


Name the sites… I would like to see how it perform.


What are charges for Aws EC2


Amazon .com

Amazon is hosted on the same infrastructure as any other app would.
The biggest advantage of EC2 is scalability. It can scale infinitely, as long as you have money.

Plus it is free for a year.


Lol… I was asking some blogging sites under WP. He said he seen some WP sites. Just like, I need few more links to just compare. Let me know.


Oops. That I guess then Gulshan might be able to tell well.
But none the less, Amazon is a name itself convincing, because none blog gets more pageviews in a month than Amazon’s in a day if not hours.


For new user, Free for one year, later may be around $14/Mo for 1 GB small server. Please use AWS calc to check.

Cc: @MyilRaj please share your url if possible. Thanks


Is it Completely free? What about Bandwidth? They haven’t mentioned it

The free tier for these services provides you with a monthly allotment of hours for the first 12 months. For example, the free tier for Amazon EC2 provides you with 750 hours usage of Linux
you can use one Linux instance continuously for a month, or 10 Linux instances for 75 hours a month.


15 GB is free every month.


My hosted domain was

But, I have not hosted in Amazon EC2 instead you can try Amazon LightSail (fixed charge for fixed resources).
In EC2 we can upgrade or downgrade without downtime, but lightsail don’t have such option.
Amazon Lightsail: ->


Unless you have a budget of around $200/mo for Your website, You’re not really getting the best of AWS.

Nearest best choice is Digital Ocean.


I’m using Amazon Lightsail to host 2 Ghost blogs. It’s good.


When they launched it?
Finally trying to compete with DO, vultr etc. for small clients like us :stuck_out_tongue:


Do they give any free trial?


Ghost blogs get indexed faster than WordPress?
Is it true?


There usually are offers that let you try their services.


I don’t have adequate traffic to confirm this. But most of the stuff are inbuilt, like SEO and all, Just enter Title and Meta description. More features are coming.


Hi Dear, for this reason only I recommend you go with Amazon LightSail (Fixed Price plus Tax).

In the server, install CENT OS and Apache, then install LiteSpeed.
Now, switch from Native Apache to LiteSpeed and Install LS Cache in your WordPress site.

I have chosen 10$ Server.