Anybody try AWS amazon hosting here?


Hey, how has been your experience with Ghost?
Please do share. :slight_smile:

In terms of performance, usability and productivity.


Performance is great. What I have learned so far about Ghost:

  1. It is a minimal blogging platform, requires some technical knowledge for installation.
  2. Optimizes images automatically on uploading, still, I use
  3. Unsplash library is accessible from the editor. FREE IMAGES!!
  4. Built in AMP…
  5. The editor is pretty Good. Gutenberg editor follows the same style. Has the option to use Markdown.
  6. It is still WIP, but pretty usable.
  7. Many great themes available on Github/Gitlab. All are easy to customize.
  8. Clean and distraction free.

Things I don’t like:

  1. No media library for media management… They are working on it. (
  2. No official WordPress to ghost export method.
  3. No native comments support. Have to use disqus or fb comments.
  4. Requires VPS (we all use VPS… not great for beginners though).
  5. Doesn’t support Devanagari scripts in URL.

I’ll PM you the URL for performance analysis.


That’s really impressive. Thanks for sharing your experience :slight_smile:


Lightsail vs DO, how would you compare both? Which is better for Indian traffic?


Even better than Lightsail Mumbai instance?


PI removed.