Anybody using Disqus Conditional Load plugin?


If anyone is using disqus, have u also tried the disqus conditional load plugin? And if yes, then what is ur feedback about them?


Back when I was using disqus comment system, I had used it. Works pretty well.


If I use Google Blogger, I can use Disqus. But Disqus with Wordpress is not a good option I think.


Disqus can reduce spam comment, pro plan allow to remove Advertisement and tracking links.

Disqus crawler appears slow. I recently changed permalink from /YYYY/MM/ to /postname/ and Disqus is taking a whole lot time to follow 301 redirection.

Meanwhile, at some post no comment is appearing. I also updated new permalink using URL mapper .csv file, still awaiting!! Pathetic experience.


I like only one - WordPress default commenting system. It can look even more better with Thrive Comment.


Like disqus, does thrive comments store the data on their own servers? Or is it stored on our servers?

Meaning - Disqus is connected to the Disqus commnting system which is a community of its own. Does thrive have that or is it it native comments system only? Just added better features to default wordpress comments?


I wanna know as well.


Please allow some time. I have asked this question to them.


Gulshan. one more thing after analysing thrive comments. On shoutmeloud also this plugin is being used. Dont u think total load times of the site will be very high with thrive comments?

The comment gravatars are lazy loaded. So while scrolling the gravatars load. Wont that increase the total page load times? Ur opinion?


Update: I received response from their team

Thrive Themes doesn’t store any type of data locally. All the information
from the Thrive Comments plugin would be stored on the user’s servers.
And yes, Thrive Comments plugin was built based on the Wordpress Comments



Well, in that situation it’s not bad even to render things in progressive more.