Anyone able to add Paypal to cloudflare?

I wanna move one of my domains to cloudflare and I am unable to pay with my HDFC visa card. I tried linking Paypal. Even after authorizing cloudflare in paypal, it just links for a second and then again pay with paypal symbol shows.

Anyone experiences this before ? Or anyone can help me move the domain ? I can pay you the price through NEFT or Paytm as you like.

It gonna cost 8.15$ approx

Account > Menu > Billing > Payment Info

I have linked since few years. No problem.

I think you need to pay from your own PayPal account that matches with Cloudflare account name.
If that is not working, you may need to change Card there or contact Bank.

Sorry sir! Pardon my ignorance.

Actually when I was clicking on authorize cloudflare, it needed me to click on confirm button also in the cloudflare dashboard. I was missing that step.

By the way, I am able to transfer it now :slight_smile: Thanks for the help.

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Glad it’s resolved now. You’re welcome!

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