Anyone here Amazon affiliate?


I heard that Amazon affiliate links change geographically.

What does it mean for an affiliate?

  • Do they need to sign up for each Amazon Country TLD site?

  • How do you redirect the visitor to correct affiliate link geographically?

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Yes, because Amazon is country specific like Amazon India, Amazon China etc.

You can only sign up for any specific country you want if you are focusing on selected countries only.

If you want to target every country then you can use Amazon Onelink.

Other than India and China, all countries are available in onelink.

Onelink will redirect the visitor to visitor country Amazon site as long as the same product is available else it will redirect to related products page.

Don’t use any third party plugin as they are unreliable and take a commission also.


You have to Sign up for different countries affiliate program and Amazon gives a feature which redirect a visitor to the right country. India is not available in this feature

There are paid services like and free services who put their own affiliate link in 5% of clicks.


Even Unbox Therapy Youtube channel use Amazon links, so i think they are legit. They Charge minimum 9$mo/ 5000 clicks.