Anyone here getting traffic from Pinterest?

I have heard a lot about Tailwind (not sure about whether it’s good or not). It schedules posts on Pinterest. Anyone using Pinterest as a source of traffic here?

It works for certain niches.
Dont consider it as social media.
It is a search engine and has some complex algorithm working behind the scene.
You might need the right niche+good designs making skill+eight knowledge to make it work.
There are some VA you can hire for 400-600$ pm but that works only after your site reaches a certain level.

Tailwind is good but only of you know how to make it work.
I have been using it for quite sometime.
I have also done several courses of Pinterest so if you can learn it by some means then go for it. However the traffic is not consistent as it is from google. If you stop pinning and working it goes down quickly.
So, yeah consider it if you can give 1 hour daily for working on it per site. Or if you can hire a VA. Else stay away :wink:
Its not worth it for half efforts.