Anyone received AdSense payment mail on this month

Friends, I received payment mail 21th on this month, but not transferred in bank till now. Previous moth it was long delay for COVID19. If any friend got their payment in bank account please write here.

@Rushikesh has received his payment.

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I got it in the afternoon. Bank is SBI


yes. Received Payment on Bank

Yaa I recived today at the afternoon in icici bank.

Yes i received today. :roll_eyes: My bank (Axis bank) cuts around 550 rupees per Adsense transaction. Is it normal ?? :thinking:Anyone using Axis bank have similar experience ???

Thanks to all, I haven’t received adsense payment yet in SBI ac. From kolkata.

Wait sometime. Hopefully they will send soon.

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Google transfers payments on 21st and also we got the email on the same time.
Generally, it took 2-3 days to reach payment to the bank and banks took 1-2 days to transfer the payment.
So - the time to receive payment between 23-25 (if there is no weekend day).

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Also, please verify that SBI bank require remittance email or not. Kotak bank each month sends a email to reply with purpose and account number to be credited.
SBI account holder - please reply.

Lol there is no cut like that.
They do credit at lower exchange rate.
Say the market rate is 76 then they might credit 73-74rs rate

Axis Bank is known for worst conversion rate ever.

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Yes, they do deduct 500 plus gst

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SBI is best for receiving payment from Google AdSense

  • Timely payment
  • better conversion rate
  • less markup



Bro yaa SBI gives good exchange rate but

it depends on In which area your bank is located.

  • If it is in the rural area then it will take 5-8 days.
    And if the bank is in the urban area then it will take 2-4 days.

ICICI bank is the best as an alternate option.

By the way, ICICI banks gave me 74.44 rupees per dollar exchange rate on 23 April.

How much you got the exchange rate in case SBI?

I got Rs 75.9

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I think Kotak is good, on 24th April conversion rate was 75.2

But you need to reply bank’s remittance email per month (I don’t know other branches ask for it or not).

Mine ask to…i got in contact with my manager and he gets mine done on his own now.

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Anyone received AdSense payment mail for this month ?

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Yes got

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