Anyone received this month adsense payment?

March 21, google approve the payment. anyone received money yet? normally it takes 1~2 days to receive the money. so far i haven’t receive the money.

Not yet. Due to sunday falls between cycle so payment will credit in next 1-2 days.

i actually changed my payment details…so i kind of worried. please confirm if you receive the money :slight_smile:

I got it today.

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which bank?

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State Bank of India


I didn’t received till now…i got mail on 22nd


hope tomorrow payment will receive. thanks for confirmation.

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I too got my payments.

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@MyilRaj when? sbi?

Yesterday morning - Axis Bank.
But when you logged into your Adsense, it will show as 21-03-2019.

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i just received the money :slight_smile: thanks to all for the replies

Still i hav’t receive the payment . how to contact the adsense

AdSense says -

No payment after 15 business days? The AdSense Support Team can help

What happens when you contact us:

  1. Provided 15 business days have passed since your payment was issued, we contact your bank.
  2. We then work with your bank to locate your payment and take any necessary actions.
    Note, as banks are busy, you might have to wait up to three weeks for an update on your payment.

To contact us and request a SWIFT copy/UTR to track your payment, fill out this form.

I received payment on 23 may.

I think every publisher should use icici bank to get payment from the adsense.

I always get payment within 2 days.

Or, SBI. They are also faster.

No never ever!

Most of time you will get payment after 28 of the month.

(May be the service of SBI at different location fast but according to my personal experience they provide my payment after 28 of the every month)

Last time, my payment was released on 21st by AdSense

I received in my Bank account on 26th.

What is the Forex charge of ICICI in your case?

I am using SBI to receive my Adsense payment. They are fast and very good. Generally I received my payment on 23rd afternoon (if not holiday) every month.
Forex transaction rate was also good, ₹69.95.