Anyother way of getting free SSL instead of Let's encypt and cloudflare?


I have really no idea about this. :nerd_face:

Would love to recommend @itsbhanusharma. He can explain clearly on this subject.


Yes and No!

For the sake of simplicity, Yes You can do it

For a more Complex answer, Unless You’re running at least 4 Core, 4GB and a Neat High speed SSD based server then it’s not ideal to do it as discourse and WordPress will continue to fight for resources and You’ll experience mysql outages on WordPress.


totally Understandable, Thanks @itsbhanusharma


as a General rule of thumb, dedicate 1 core to webserver and 1 core to database server. All other servers can live on the stipend.

Here, You’re gonna have the following:

1 Core: MySQL (WordPress)
1 Core: Nginx (handles both, WP & Discourse)
1 Core: Redis/php/docker etc… (Mostly all the other stuff needed for core wp & discourse function)
1 Core: PostgreSQL (Discourse)

For RAM, It’s a Good rule of thumb to keep 20% spare for occasional contingency and 1GB Each for DB and 1 GB will be used by web & process management.

For Storage: Redis will be slower than a :turtle: if used on mechanical storage.


That’s letsencrypt certificate only.


yes that’s let’s encrypt Certificate