Anything better or similar to Link Whisper

Adding internal links to old posts becoming a time consuming process.

Link whisper is a good option for this.

But I prefer to replace or avoid tools with recurring payment plans.

Do you use anything similar for automatically insert internal links?

Paid & free…


Try a free version. Let me know how it goes.

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Going to install today and share the experience in some days.

Link whisper has free version too. Give it a shot maybe?

Thanks for the mention. I checked it…

But link whisper free version doesn’t have the main function I want. Which is auto link insert for choosen keywords accross the site. This will help in increasing the page views from existing visitors.

Internal link manager plugin is also not available for download. Temporary unavailable. Need to wait for some time.

The autoinsert link is not the best thing to do.
I have tried it but didn’t find it of any use. It seems miraculous but can hamper your seo and site.

For example.
I inserted a link for word ketchup. Not it will insert the link every where ketchup is mentioned. Now say you had an snippet for a para that had ketchup word. Insertion of link in such para can lose your snippet position. So be aware of that!
There are multiple snippet which we rank for even if we don’t target it. Losing them can hamper your traffic!

Yes interlinking heavily can have bad effects.

But my plan is to only target 3-5+ length keywords.

Also, turning on filter to only add same keywords not more than 3 times in a post.

Then I’ll manually interlink time to time with different keywords.

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