Applying Adsense from other account?


I got two Gmail account. One is mine and other is of my freind. I have my website verified with mine Gmail account but now I want to add Google Adsense to my website. Can I use my friend Gmail account for that? Do I have to verify my website in my freinds Gmail also for applying adsense from his Gmail account?


It’s not mandatory to have verified property for the Google AdSense.



So I can apply for Adsense from freind gmail account right,?


Give a try!


Okay let’s see :thinking:


After applying for Adsense I have to paste their code in my website and let them stay active untill they approve my Adsense?


I applied from my secondary Email after my 1st one was rejected. It worked…


Good to read this :smiley: will try mine soon


One more question…adsense pay for impression?


Not actually but every impression give the money - it is based on CPC & CPM both
You can check it by Google adsense - reports - bid types
check this…