Are Auto ads more beneficial than placing adsense ad units?


Is there anybody who used both and find Auto ads are beneficial for earning more?
or everybody believes in placing Adsense ad units on their sites is better than using Auto ads?

Any personal experiences?


I think auto ads are very good.
No need to take any tension to place the ads.
It will automatically adjust the ads according to spaces.
And I have experienced the impression 4times of page views.
I think for beginner auto ads feature is better.


What types of ads have you enabled? Could you please list them?


I kept dissabled only2 types od ads in auto ad
1.Banner ad which are sticked in top or bottom
2. Full screen ads


And no manual Ads? Cool. Thanks


I think you shouldn’t be pasting it here.

Please refer this for proper implementation.


Bro read it that’s what I have mentioned
Auto ads are a family of ad formats that offer a simple and innovative way for you to monetize your content. To complete the steps to set up Auto ads on a WordPress site, you need to copy and paste the Auto ad code between the <head> and </head> tags of your site. Auto ad code is the same type of code you added when you connected your site to AdSense.


you’ll lose all modifications if you update your theme. Plus it is not recommended to modify theme php files. Rather use some header inserter plugin. Header.php may contain the<head> tag but you are not supposed to modify it.


Bro I use Genesis so I don’t put in my theme I m putting it into ads option.


Yeah, that’s the right way. but you mentioned header.php earlier so I thought to inform you. Many child themes don’t have header.php either.


Header footer inserter plugin also can be used


yeah. no worries, Genesis is pretty good too. I’m using Genesis only.


What is your site bro