Are Backlinks from forum signature Worth?


Are Backlinks from forum Signature/Profile have any value in search engine ranking?

My Website is related to Linux Operating System and I manually created some Do-Follow Backlinks in Linux OS and application Forums.

DA of all forums domain between : 85 to 95

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It all depends of type of links those websites offer. You should check that the links you create are not no-follow only then they will be helpful.

You can check that by checking the source code and find that is there any tag like rel=nofollow

NoFollow links only help you to get traffic.

They all are Do-Follow Links :

Do-Follow Links

Great then. You can do so, use proper and relatable anchor text. Do not use irrelevant otherwise Google will detect it as Backlink scam and can have reverse effect

Bad idea.

John muller recently said that all links of forums, guestposts etc should strictly be no follow. Check Seo Roundtable

Unnatural link building is anyway not a great idea in the long game.

Ok, But we can Submit website URL on Forum profile right like we do on Social Media websites?

& What if the forum allows for Do-Follow Backlinks?

I don’t recommend spamming any forum with link signature. It’s a thing of past.

I suggest, build trust by being kind and helpful for everyone.


The content is extremely important for getting online appearance. You wiill be able achieving the goals.

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In some niches i saw that profile links are working like charm. But never recommended those for long term, if you only do this you’re site may be effect in next core update update.

But there is solution for that. At starting of the of any site you might not get any links from any site. So you can create Profile links and signature links for first few weeks, when you DA increased on such seo tools. You must create some value links via guest post, forums and others.
This might help you or not. But i see a lot of Amazon affiliates sites for their ranking & making thousands of $.

I know there there are of SEO experts in here. So what you’re thoughts?

You can participate in niche forum and answer some questions.

Try to be helpful and insight links if needed.
You will build genuine followers and quality backlinks that way.

Just building links for the sake of DA is a bad idea. You shouldn’t be spamming links all over the place. It is a recipe for algorithm disaster :shushing_face:

Yes, That bad idea. One of my sites got affected after the latest google core update.

But I have other sites where I don’t build any links and getting 50K monthly traffic from Google. It’s Crazy.
Right, Content Always King.