Are Push Notifications good? Should we use it ? Write Pros and Cons

Are Push Notifications good? Should we use it ? Write and Pros and Cons?

Using paid service is worth it?

It all depends on the type of blog you have. If you have a blog where you write news articles and constantly updating then push notifications are going to work for you. But if you have a blog related to general topics and which are not regularly updated then push notifications won’t be that much effective.

I have a blog related to Apple news where I use push notifications and it works great for me. However, I have one more blog related to fitness and push notifications does not work that good on that website.


I think we should use reputable push notification services that is reliable concerning branding and doesn’t throw any advt. Sending timely notification may increase traffic.

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I use OneSignal so far so good.

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All the Push Notification service plans are very expensive. As per my experience ROI is not good.

Hello @GulshanKumar
What is your thoughts about onesignal?

I have never used this services. But I’d like to try once.

I have used Onesignal for 1 and half Year, there are free offer till 30k subscriber after crossing the 30k subscriber you have to pay as per per thousand subscriber. Very expensive for small blogger, They also charge for inactive users.

(Push Notification service still growing in internet world)

I am also using OneSignal. It will help you to some extent in your blogging.
Send push notifications once you have published a new article.
Then, send whenever there is an important update in your blogging.

I dont find it helpful.
Say i am a new user. I searched for a topic and landed on your page.
Now as soon as i land or just a couple of second later a popup comes to subscribe.
How am i suppose to know if i like your content or not. Or if you are owrth subscribing or not.
Hence a lot of people do subscribe but not all of them open your notification.
Also lots of spam subscription. Which costs you $$$.
I find email list far better than this.

Push notifications are annoying, but I strongly recommend it if you have significant traffic from Facebook.

Any specific reason?