Are you able to use Payoneer?

Are you able to receive “personal” / “individual” payment from Payoneer?

  • Yes, it still works.
  • No

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They have live chat support. I think you should consult them. My payment day is in next 2-3 days. Lets see if there is any problem. I received a payment few days back with no issues.

I don’t know what’s wrong but I am opening my Payoneer account after 1 year

What should I do for this?

Personal payment from some individual or Business/Company?

Company. Moat of my amazon and small affiliate payment comes via payoneer.

Well, that’s a different case than my original query.

Ohh… You mean you are unable to receive freelance type payment?
I got ir wrong then.

I thought you were talking about personal account vs business account in payoneer.

I am able to receive Fund from company like Fiverr, Amazon. It’s good for it as always.

But, I am not able to receive personal payment from my individual international client unless if they pay from Biz account.

Payoneer recently changed their rule and destroyed an easy experience. Now I am back to original position – PayPal in this condition.