Are you still showing personlized adsense ads to EU visitors

Me remembering you about GDPR thing. Most of Adsense publishers could’ve setup things in their Adsense and analytics accnts and forgot about it. Any guys still showing personalized ads to EU visitors and showing cookies notice for that? Which perform better? personalized or non-personalized?

Of-Course! Personalized ads work better. Because they are based on user’s interest.

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So you’re showing personalized ads as well cookies notice, am I right?

Not even cookie notice

I think that’s against Google’s TOS.

I don’t think so.

@venkat and @AbhishekVerma
please read this post…

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Do you use that?
Also default widget by WordPress will work in this case or not?

If you have not made any changes in Blocking control>All Sites>EU User Consent
Then Google by default use non personalized ads to Eu users.
I think @AbhishekVerma is using non-personalized ads to EU users unless he changed the Google default setting